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  • Date : 03.20.2019
  • Time (PST) : 10:57

To participate please download the ZERO1 Biennial guide app from Apple's iTunes or Google Play.
Built with Processing, Processing.js and ZURB Foundation. Delaunay triangulation code by Joshua Bell.

An updating visual depiction of visitor positions at the 2012 ZERO1 Biennial. The slider moves through the beginning week of the Biennial tracking festival app users locations.

The Map was created through ambient interaction from festival visitors by pulling anonymous location data from participating users of the ZERO1 Biennial app. Each visitor has been represented by a single element on the map. Visitors could choose to effect
their representation by selecting colour tags via the React tab in the Biennial guide app.

Further iterations of this project hope to include live tracking of user movements, creating reactions and connections between the represented elements as they move within range of each other, and increase user interaction through increased controls of they representing element to allow user input into the patterns being created.

The Living Map Project aims at creating a way to represent social spaces, those occupied by people rather than structures. Creating a method of navigation and destination that is guided by social pull or aversion. Traditionally mapped elements such as impassable objects would remain hidden until their impressions are suggested in negative spaces produced by social gatherings.

Concept, Design & Direction:
Helen Mair

Backend: Jonathan Hearn
Visualisation: James Stone
iOS & Android: Anna Billstrom